Nevis Tax Haven

The Caribbean island of Nevis is one of many offshore havens which can be found in the region. Nevis along its neighbor St Kitts makes up the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis. The two islands share constitution and government. Nevis has an estimated population of just over 12,000 people. Nevis has an economy which largely dependent on its tourism industry and of late the offshore sector has made serious contributions towards the islands economy. Nevis has a well established International Financial sector which has made the island very popular to the rest of the world. The offshore services presently being offered in Nevis offshore haven are as follows: the registration of Nevis multiform, foundation, Nevis offshore trusts, Nevis offshore business corporations, Nevis offshore banking amongst others.

One of the main features of an offshore haven is its ability to provide business corporations and individuals low tax rates. The offshore tax haven of Nevis offers tax exemptions to offshore business corporations and offshore entities registered in Nevis offshore haven which qualifies Nevis to be tax haven offshore. Offshore legislation in Nevis guarantees that upon offshore incorporation Nevis offshore business corporations and Nevis offshore trusts and foundations will pay no local Nevis tax. Nevis taxes which offshore entities receive exemptions from include income tax, corporate tax, withholding tax, estate tax, inheritance tax, capital gains tax among other types of taxes. Offshore entities, like Seychelles companies, and offshore entities in Nevis offshore haven are also exempted from Stamp Duty.

Tax havens offshore are known to provide confidentiality and privacy for its clients. All offshore companies, offshore company shareholders, offshore trusts, offshore foundations and offshore bank account holders are protected by the Nevis Confidential relationships Act which was passed in 1985. According to this Nevis legislation any person who has obtained confidential information with the intention to divulge it is in breach of law and will be penalized by prison as well as monetary fines. The same applies to corporations who go against this law except that a stiffer monetary fine is applied. In addition a Nevis offshore company shareholder information is not made public providing privacy for offshore company shareholders.

Nevis offshore tax haven also provides asset protection for offshore companies, offshore bank accounts, offshore trusts and Nevis Multiform foundations. Assets placed in offshore business companies and offshore entities in Nevis offshore haven are protected by legislation in Nevis offshore haven. Offshore legislations in the offshore haven of Nevis do not recognize foreign court rulings against assets in Nevis offshore entities. Furthermore information about Nevis offshore companies and other offshore entities can only be divulged if there is substantial proof that the Nevis offshore business companies is engaging in illegal and offensive activities and a Court Order has been handed down.

Nevis tax-free haven has excellent offshore companies which are easy to incorporate. For the incorporation of an offshore company in offshore haven Nevis only one shareholder and one director is needed and this can be the same individual. Nevis offshore companies can be incorporated by person of any nationality and enjoy the freedom of doing business anywhere in the world but the offshore tax haven of Nevis. Nevis offshore companies receive tax exemptions from local income tax, corporate tax, withholding tax and Stamp Duty. Offshore companies incorporated in tax haven Nevis pays only registration fee and annual license renewal fees.

Offshore haven Nevis provides good quality offshore banking services from very well supervised offshore banking institutions on the island. Nevis offshore bank accounts are not subjected to local taxes and the services offered at offshore banks in the offshore haven are top class. As mentioned information in Nevis offshore bank accounts are confidential.

What gives Nevis offshore tax haven the edge above other tax havens is its Multiform Foundation. Perhaps the only one of its kind around the Nevis Multiform foundation is an offshore entity which can be incorporated as an offshore company, a foundation, a limited liability company or a trust. This unique entity can be incorporated as an offshore entity or as a tax resident of Nevis and even as a tax resident the tax rate is still very low a mere 1% of the Multi Foundations annual profits.

The offshore haven of Nevis provides many advantages and benefits to offshore clients. Nevis tax haven has provides offshore entities which makes carrying out business not only easier buy very profitable with means of tax planning.

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