Anguilla Offshore Haven

The offshore tax haven of Anguilla is located in the Caribbean and to date is still part of Britain’s Overseas Territory. Anguilla is in situated close to the island of St Martin and the capital is the Valley. Anguilla has an estimated population of 13,500 inhabitants. Anguilla’s economy like many other Caribbean islands is based on tourism and its offshore financial center. Anguilla is one of the Caribbean’s more important offshore jurisdiction and offshore tax haven. Anguilla offshore financial centre offers the services of International Business Incorporation, offshore banking, Anguilla Limited Liability Company, Anguilla Limited Partnerships, Anguilla International Trusts and offshore banking among other offshore services.

The offshore haven of Anguilla has all the characteristics of an ideal offshore tax haven. Anguilla has no taxes for foreign earned income for offshore companies, like Seychelles companies. Anguilla is an offshore jurisdiction which has put many measures in place which will protect the owners of offshore business companies and entities incorporated in the tax haven, thus making the offshore haven very attractive to many clients and offshore businesses.

Anguilla offshore haven has many features which over the years has attracted thousands of clients to the offshore financial center. The offshore services offered in Anguilla are top class with many experienced offshore services providers available. The offshore service providers in the offshore tax haven of Anguilla are mostly solicitors and lawyers and specialized offices which provides offshore services. Offshore regulations in Anguilla specify that offshore business companies and offshore entities in Anguilla must employ a registered agent in Anguilla for incorporation or registration. The registration of offshore business companies and entities in Anguilla will not be considered by the Registrar of Companies if an offshore service provider is not used.

As an offshore haven, Anguilla provides privacy and security for the shareholders and owners of Anguilla offshore entities. The Anguilla confidentiality regulations ensure that maximum privacy is provided to the owners of offshore companies in Anguilla. Information concerning offshore companies cannot be given out or made public without the consent of the business owners. The Anguilla confidentiality regulations also cover the financial matters of persons on the island. This therefore means that offshore bank accounts in offshore havens like Anguilla are provided privacy. The information contained in offshore bank accounts can only be given out with the consent of the offshore bank account holders or in extreme cases where illegal activities are suspected or the offshore bank account holder is involved in illegal activities the information might be given out.

Anguilla offshore haven provides the best means of saving on taxes. Anguilla offshore business companies are exempted from paying local taxes such as corporate taxes, income tax, withholding tax, estate tax, inheritance tax and stamp duty. These tax exemptions are guaranteed by legislation in the offshore tax haven of Anguilla. Offshore business companies in the offshore tax haven of Anguilla only pay a minimum registration fee and annual license fee for the Anguilla offshore corporation.

Anguilla offshore haven makes it very easy to incorporate an offshore company in the offshore tax haven. Just one director and one shareholder is needed to incorporate an offshore company in Anguilla. For persons who are concerned about privacy Anguilla offshore regulations makes it possible; for an Anguilla offshore company to be incorporated with nominee directors and nominee shareholders. This service is provided by registered agent and offshore service providers in Anguilla offshore haven. Once incorporated the Anguilla offshore company can do business anywhere in the world including other tax havens but is prohibited from doing business in Anguilla.

The offshore haven Anguilla provides exceptional offshore banking services at very respectable institutions on the island. Offshore banking in Anguilla tax haven is not taxed and as mentioned above offshore bank account holders are guaranteed privacy. Offshore banking services in Anguilla include credit cards, debit cards, online banking, corporate and private banking and bank drafts among many others. Income in offshore bank accounts is not subjected to local taxes in Anguilla offshore haven.

Anguilla offshore tax haven has measures in place to ensure that services offered are up to standards. The offshore business corporations registered in Anguilla offshore haven are structured to provide maximum benefits for owners and shareholders. Since Anguilla tax haven has a zero tax policy this makes it the ideal offshore tax havens for persons who are considering tax planning.

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